Cosplay Feature!: FanimeCon 2018

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Event: FanimeCon 2018
Date: May 25-28, 2018
Location: San Jose, California, US
For cosplay and cosplayer information, please see

Zero Two From Darling In The Franxx

Cosplay: Zero Two (002)
Show: Darling In The Franxx
Cosplayer: Unknown (Unidentified)

Baihu Genji From Overwatch

Cosplay: Baihu Genji
Show: Overwatch
Cosplayer: Rolio

Altair From Re:CREATORS

Cosplay: Altair
Cosplayer: Jyuridan

Dark Saber From Fate Stay Night

Cosplay: Dark Saber
Show: Fate Stay Night
Cosplayer: Unknown

Mordred (Saber of Red) From Fate Apocrypha

Cosplay: Mordred (Saber of Red)
Show: Fate Apocrypha
Cosplayer: JaziKinnplay

Arhhi From League Of Legends

Cosplay: Arhhi
Show: League Of Legends
Cosplayer: Unknown (Unidentified)

Sinon From Sword Art Online II

Cosplay: Sinon
Show: Sword Art Online II
Cosplayer: simplyjesscos

Primaris Space Marines from Warhammer 40,000

Cosplay: Primaris Space Marines
Show: Warhammer 40,000
Cosplayer: Zipp Cosplay


Cosplay: Unknown
Show: Unknown
Cosplayer: Unknown

Zero Two And Ichigo From Darling In The Franxx

Cosplay: Zero Two (002) and Ichigo
Show: Darling In The Franxx
Cosplayer: Unknown (Unidentified)

Megumin From KonoSuba

Cosplay: Megumin
Show: KonoSuba
Cosplayer: Unknown (Unidentified)

Candy FanimeCon 2018 Mascot

Cosplay: Candy
Show: FanimeCon 2018 Mascot
Cosplayer: CV01

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